The Power Of Social Media

5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Works For Your Small Business

by Mauranda Dalziel // July - August - September 2019

When it comes to social media marketing, many are left scratching their heads wondering where to begin, or what all the fuss is even about. As a small business owner con-stantly looking for ways to get on the radar of potential customers, it is important to be in the mix with social media now more than ever, and for many reasons. Here are five of the primary ones ...

1. The ability to engage with your customers. We live in a world where people enjoy doing business with whom they know, like, and trust. Yes, there are many quick “one-click” options out there where people can order the same item from their couch as they can from getting up and going into a store. If the person purchasing from you can get to know you, enjoys you, trusts you, and likes you – they will want to engage with you and your business, support you, and make that purchase from you and your store versus that “one-click” option.

2. Reaching multiple people at one time. When posting to Facebook, for example, it is quite possible to reach thousands of people with little effort when the post is executed correctly – even without “boosting” or putting any money behind the post. When it comes to your marketing budget, it’s important to look at an array of variables. Is your target audience being attracted? How many people are you reaching? Do you have multiple avenues of marketing? Social media is a wonderful way to reach a large targeted demographic while maintaining a low marketing budget. Like with all things, there is room for spending and getting more creative with that marketing budget. However, there are great ways to utilize social media without having to spend in order to achieve a great reach.

3. Connecting with your customers in real time. If you are running a promotion, meeting with a special guest, or simply have a tip you want to share – share it, right then and there! There is no need to wait to share that information via social media. Whether you are brave enough to do a Facebook LIVE video, decide to record a video ahead of time, or want to post pictures of your interaction – you can share it all right away.

4. Getting to know YOU. As mentioned previously, it’s important that your customers, clients and prospects get to know you for you. If you are providing a service, some people will feel much more comfortable feeling like they “know” you before they connect with you to discuss financial, insurance, real estate, home improvement options, etc.

5. Stay in contact with your past customers. One well-known fact is that marketing to past customers is more affordable than marketing to new prospects. It’s also an easier approach – especially with social media. As long as you are staying top of mind, sharing what you do, who you are, and being positive in your message, you are way ahead of many others.

If you’re utilizing social media as a marketing tool already, add in these tips. If you haven’t started yet, create a business page and go ahead and give it a try! Enjoy the interaction and this phenomenal marketing tool, and the business you just might gain.

Mauranda Dalziel

Founder and CEO of Gather Group & Co., a full service marketing firm located in Wake Forest.