The Doctor Will See You Now

You take a pregnancy test at home … and it’s positive. Now what? The questions start running through your head: What should you be eating or not eating? Can you continue your regular workouts? Are your prescription medications okay for the baby?

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be an exciting and emotional time. While most OB-GYNs schedule initial appointments eight to 12 weeks into a pregnancy, that can feel like an eternity for some-one who has just gotten a positive pregnancy test result. If you find yourself feeling a little anxious and want answers to your questions sooner rather than later, you’re in luck … some obstetrics and gynecology practices now offer early pregnancy visits for women who are less than eight weeks pregnant, including WakeMed Physician Practices – OB/GYN, which now offers “See You Now” visits.

Dr. Chantel S. Roedner, an OB/GYN with WakeMed Physician Practices – OB/GYN, says this early visit is important for new mothers, especially first-time moms, so they have an opportunity to establish a relationship with a provider early in the pregnancy and get answers to questions about which they are concerned.

“I feel like there are all of these things that women worry about, and sometimes they don’t know what advice they should take. With an early visit we are able to provide information and reassurance and talk about major concerns. We can address any potential issues and identify risk-factors early that can have an impact on the pregnancy. A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnancy, and we want to support our expectant mothers every step of the way.”

Patients receive a confirmation pregnancy test and can ask questions and discuss prenatal care, including nutrition, medications, and follow-up care. Once you are past the eight-week point, your physician will move you onto the new pregnancy visit where you will have a complete physical exam and schedule your ultrasound.

Regular prenatal care is very important for both your health and your baby’s health. Along with a complete physical during a new pregnancy visit, you will meet with a provider to determine your estimated due date, ask questions, and discuss your care, including nutrition, medication safety, and labor and delivery options.