Spring Prep Cheat Sheet

by Todd Nelson // April - May - June 2019

Finally, Ol’ Man Winter has waved goodbye and Mother Nature has once again graced us with the glory of spring. For homeowners, this is a great time to give your house, both inside and out, a little extra TLC so it’s ready for the season. After taking a little time to tackle the following maintenance tips, your home will in tip-top shape, and you can sit back and enjoy all this wonderful time of year has to offer.


HVAC. If you’ve not done so at least once in the past year, bring in a professional service to inspect and clean all central HVAC equipment, ducts, vents, and air filters. For wall or window-based A/C units, remove and clean or replace filters; inspect to ensure all units are positioned correctly to drain moisture to the outside.

Mold/mildew zones. Inspect for and address any signs of mold and mildew growth, which impending humidity will be sure to feed. Hot spots for mold include bathroom fans, shower curtains, bath mats, tubs and tile, toilet tanks, the garbage disposal, and the washing machine (especially front loaders).

– Fans. Most portable fans can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning. For ceiling fans, use an extender pole to clean safely or recruit at least one person to spot you on a ladder.

– Lights. Remove and clean covers, recessed fixtures, and even the bulbs for brighter springtime nights.

– Windows, sills, sashes, screens. Wash panes inside and out. Clear dead bugs and other debris from casings. Remove, hose down, and wipe screens, using a bit of degreasing dishwashing liquid if screens are super grimy; dry screens in the sun, and inspect and patch holes before reinstalling.

– Window treatments. Remove and wash blinds and shades; either launder or send out curtains, drapes, valances, and other treatments for thorough cleaning.

– Bedding. Flip, rotate, and vacuum mattresses (which should be done at least twice a year) and dust thoroughly in and around beds to remove pollen.

– Refrigerator/freezer. Deep clean the fridge and defrost the freezer to maximize their spaces for fresh, light warm weather foods.


– Patio/deck/balcony. Fix winter wear and tear, such as splintering or rotting wood, loose screws, raised nails, cracks, broken stones, stains, and so forth. Wash platters, cups, utensils, and other items used for springtime alfresco dining.

– Furniture. Address rust, rot, structural weakness, loose nails, or screws. Consider re-painting, re-staining, and treating with rust repellant. Check and treat cushions, pillows, umbrellas, and other textiles for mold and mildew.

– Grill. Fill your propane tank, clean and inspect all gas lines and connections, clean or replace lava stones, and clean grill grates.

– Planters. Seal nooks and crannies that make ideal nesting spots for wasps, hornets, and other stinging pests. When placing flowering plants around patios and decks, research which blooms and scents are most attractive to stinging creatures and which welcome visitors like butterflies and hummingbirds.

– De-bug! Mosquitoes breed rapidly in standing water, so avoid having items around that might collect rainwater. Since we live in a region where mosquitos, ticks, and other pest-borne illnesses present risks – or if you simply want to reduce your family’s exposure to bites – consider a professional service to protect your yard to minimize bugs and maximize springtime fun.

Todd Nelson

Owner of MaidPro of Raleigh and Wake Forest.