Paws For Kindness

Celebrating Random Acts Of Kindness Day With Love For Animals

by Camp Bow Wow // January - February - March 2024

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Would you like to extend some extra kindness but not quite sure how? While there are many ways to help out in the community, we are going to focus here on a list of wonderful ideas for animals and animal lovers that will leave both you and the recipient of your random acts of kindness feeling great.

Short-Term Random Acts of Kindness

Donate to a non-profit that helps sick and injured pups in need. Donate items from a local shelter’s wish list or drop off a bag of dog food at a food bank. While shelters are always looking for items such as food, cat litter, etc., we highly suggest checking out what your specific shelter needs to ensure it’s the type of item and/or brand they are looking for.

Start a fundraiser. Did you know you can create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook in a few quick clicks? Consider creating a fund-raiser to celebrate your day that helps raise money for one of your local shelters or your favorite non-profit to help our furry friends.

Write a thank you note to your veterinary, doggy daycare, or grooming team, or surprise them with snacks. A simple thank you note goes a long way to let people know you appreciate them and what they do for you and is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Engage with shelters, rescues, and charities on social media. Engaging with a post on social media makes it visible to more people. Simply liking or sharing a Facebook or Instagram post or a TikTok about a pet who needs adopting boosts that post’s engagement, increasing the chance of that pet finding its future forever home. Share donation requests or other posts you may see from the organizations you follow and encourage others to donate as a quick way to get that organization’s name out in front of more people, which can result in more donations.

Help out a fellow dog parent. Perhaps you know of a fellow dog parent who is recovering from surgery, caring for a newborn, or stressing about a work deadline. Offer to take their pup on a walk or watch them for the day so they can have a much-needed break. Make homemade dog treats for the pups in your life, including those of your family and friends.

Go on a walk or hike with your pup and clean up any extra doggy “treats” you see along the way. It’s important to clean up after our dogs to keep the area clean for everyone – no one likes stepping in a surprise!

Long-Term Random Acts of Kindness

Sign up to become a foster. When somebody fosters an animal, it opens up a spot to save another. The more foster families out there, the more animals that can be saved.

Volunteer at your local shelter. Guidelines vary by shelter, so make sure to get in contact with them to see what their specific guidelines are.

Donate your skills. Do you know how to knit or sew? Or just like being crafty? Put those skills to work by making pet blankets or homemade toys for your local shelter.

Let this day be a reminder that even small acts can have a big impact on the well-being of our furry friends and the hearts of those who cherish them.

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