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Thanks To Treatment Options For A Healthy Lifestyle

by Antonio Bryan // January - February - March 2022

With the arrival of the new year, many of you likely set resolutions focused on improving your health and wellness. Perhaps you’re ready to make positive lifestyle changes such as becoming more active and exercising routinely. Or maybe, knowing that nutrition is a must for good health, you now have the mindset to eat better and healthier in 2022. While exercise and nutrition are of course vital to good health, completing the wellness circle with proper recovery is equally important, and key to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

What do I mean by recovery, you ask? Recovery from workouts, recovery from injuries, recovery from surgery, and so forth. Today, there are more options than ever to provide fast and effective recovery.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

One of the newest recovery methods is cryotherapy. You may have heard this term, but what is it exactly? One might say cryotherapy is the hottest new trend, but it’s quite literally ... cold. The root definition of “cryo” means involving or producing cold, especially extreme cold. Therefore “cryo” + “therapy” means using extreme cold for treatment. Using cold for injury treatment is nothing new – if you’ve ever experienced a twisted ankle, sprained knee, or bruised anything, you know that the first thing a doctor, trainer, or parent does is put ice on it. What is new today, however, is the method, application, and availability of cold treatment to the general public. Previously, some of these effective services and products were primarily saved for professional and college athletes, celebrities, etc., because of their high costs and limited access. But no longer is this the case – these services are now available to you and me.

The cryotherapy machine, also known as a cryosauna, is a nitrogen cooling unit that can get down as low as -184 degrees Fahrenheit. The single-person cryogenic chamber, often described as resembling a stand-up tanning bed, is constructed with a strategic opening at the top to allow participants to breathe freely, reducing or eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia. Sessions are three minutes max and are regulated by operating staff (sessions can be stopped at any time by the client). Cryotherapy users have reported relief from back pain, arthritis, achy joints, faster post-surgery recovery, energy boosts, better sleep, and more. Other documented benefits included reduced inflammation, increased metabolism, and the promotion of weight loss (burning 500 – 800 calories).

Q: How does cryotherapy compare to an ice tub bath?
A: Many of you older athletes may be familiar with ice baths for muscle soreness, muscle recovery, increases in immunity, body cool down, mental health boosts, and more – but this truly doesn’t compare. If anything, the cryosauna is the new and improved technology of ice baths. It’s far more efficient without the messy water/ice and is quicker, requiring only three minutes, compared to the 20-30 minutes needed for an ice bath.

Q: How often should I do cryotherapy?
A: Treatment should be limited to once a day at the most. Everyone must determine the maintenance plan that best accommodates their lifestyle and circumstances. Typically, it is used one to four times per week.

Leg or Arm Compression

Fatigued legs and sore arms will significantly degrade anyone. If you’re determined to stick with your New Year’s resolution to get moving more, then treating resulting pain and discomfort is important … if you’re in pain, it’s easier to skip the next workout … and the next … and before you know it, you find yourself falling off the exercise wagon. Rapid reboot compression is here to help. Designed to help athletes of all levels (that includes you beginner athletes out there), the technology recharges and reduces the time it takes leg or arm muscles to recover from exertion.

Q: What are the indications?
A: Compression speeds up your body’s natural healing processes by enhancing blood flow to your muscles. Its therapeutic uses include the ability to flush away lactic acid, metabolites, and other exercise-induced waste products. Leg or arm compression also optimizes recovery from injury, treating lymphedema, and addressing poor circulation issues, and can help with other circulation-related issues that stem from varicose veins, injury, surgery, etc. After treatment, you’ll notice less stiffness and less soreness, as well as increased mobility and increased flexibility. It should be noted that the recovery speed depends on various factors, such as your age, level of fitness, diet, and sleep habits.

Q: How long does a rapid leg or arm compression session last?
A: Sessions range in length, depending on the intensity of your training, race, etc. If you need to recover from a long, vigorous workout, for instance, you may want to use the compression sleeves or boots for 20-30 minutes. But if you’re prepping for a pre-workout or just need to grab a quick reboot, a 10-minute session may suffice.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared light is a form of relaxing, alternative, and holistic health therapy. While traditional saunas heat the room and the outer skin to create sweat, infrared saunas focus on penetrating the body to heat its core. Benefits include muscle recovery, detoxification, improved circulation, help with weight loss, and balanced blood sugar – each of which help to strengthen your immunity and improve brain function. If equipped with chroma therapy lights, infrared saunas can also aid with anti-aging skin and rebuilding collagen.

Please note that those with medical issues or questions should consult with their doctors for medical advice before trying any of these recovery treatment options.

Antonio Bryan

A serviced, connected, disabled Desert Storm veteran, is the owner of Cryo Wake Forest, offering services ranging from day packages, club memberships, and fundraisers to private events and military discounts.