Bringing “Old school" Marketing Back To Life

by Mauranda Dalziel // April - May - June 2022

Times, they are changing. We’ve all heard the overplayed word “pivot” a lot the last couple of years. And with good reason. We all had to change and adapt the way we did business during trying times of isolation and quarantine. Those of us who were used to being able to walk up to someone, or rather them walk up to us, to make a purchase were immediately brought to a halt during a stressful and panic-induced time.

Many turned to social media marketing, Google ads, pay-per-click, and other digital forms of advertising, and a number who did this “pivot” did so without even really knowing what they were doing.

For some, it worked. For others, sadly, it did not. Regardless of which list you are on, my hope is that you have rebounded and never see yourself in that moment again of “what now” when it comes to getting in front of your ideal customer.

Most of us, if not all of us, in some way, shape, or form, run or work for a relationship-based business. And since the beginning of 2020, we have honed in on the importance of those relationships – what they mean to us as business owners, managers, supervisors, salespeople, hustlers, and everyday people doing what we do to provide a product or service to others. So I ask you this – if you were faced with another moment to “pivot” yet again, could you? Would you? Perhaps going back to some tried and true relationship building (and thus, business and network building) marketing methods is the way of the future.

Here are four ways to bring “old-school” concepts into your marketing plans, so if the time comes when your strategy needs to change abruptly again, you’re already one step ahead.

1. Print ads: Purchasing ads in a magazine, newspaper, or other publication can bode beneficial for you as part of your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the typical consumer needs to see your brand/product/service multiple times before purchasing. Leverage these print ads by complimenting them with an article if the publication allows. Telling a story, offering value, and building more content will help build trust between you and the consumer. Always be sure that the publication you are advertising in also offers an online platform. This way the consumer can view your ads both online and in-person.

2. Mailing: Yep, mailings are back. Now, before you run out and have a bunch of salesy postcards printed up to mail out all around town, get your strategy in place first. Think of what you like receiving in the mail. Do you prefer a handwritten note or personalized piece of mail? Or do you prefer a jumbo-size postcard with a random ad slapped on it? Find a happy medium that works for your target audience and stay consistent with your mailings. Be sure that you are coming from a place of contribution and offer value in your mailings.

3. Pick up the phone: Remember when … way back when, we would pick up the phone and call someone. Those were the days. Give it a try now! Call your past clients, customers, friends, and family and check in on them, see how they are doing. I know, this can seem daunting. But you know what happens when we do things that make us uncomfortable? Typically, growth – in ourselves, our businesses, our relationships, and our network.

4. Social media marketing: Yes, it’s still important to keep up with social media marketing and tell the world what you’re up to and what you can offer them. Similarly to mailings, when coming from contribution, this means of communicating with your audience can be very successful. Social media marketing can be an amazing tool for the success of your business as well as network and relationship building.

When it comes to marketing, regardless of which avenue(s) you use, consistency is key. Create a plan that works for your target demographic, goals, and budget, and go with it. Now is your time – let’s go!

Mauranda Dalziel

Founder and CEO of Gather Group & Co., a full service marketing firm located in Wake Forest.