7 Tips For Preparing Your Marketing For 2020

by Mauranda Dalziel // October - November - December 2019

2020 is just around the corner! Can you believe it? If you’re a business owner, it’s time to start thinking about what that means for your company and marketing plan. Have you started goal planning for the new year?

Goal planning is exciting because it sets our mind to where we want to end up. Once we know where we want to end up, we need to know how we’re going to get there – that’s when we need to dig into a strong marketing plan.

Step 1: Whether you’re working with a marketing firm or you’re handling it yourself, taking a look at your systems and how they sync up with your goals is a great first step. Ensuring that you have strong systems in place to help support your goals is crucial. This could include computer systems, platforms, etc.

Step 2: Who is helping you reach your goals? Staffing and who you position yourself with is also extremely important when you are looking ahead to 2020. This could mean people on payroll, as well as those vendors with whom you align yourself and your business. Furthermore, and just as important, is making sure that your “tribe” of people you surround yourself with (other business owners, friends, family, mentors, etc.) are all in full support of you and your goals. Sharing your goals with those closest to you helps keep you accountable as well and allows those in your corner to cheer for you. If you keep your goals close to your chest, so to speak, others can’t help you celebrate when you hit those goals.

Step 3: Find a way to track milestones towards your goals. This will be different for many different styles of business, and is very important. Celebrating successes is important to keep your momentum going, as well as your mindset strong.

Step 4: What have your past 12 months looked like? Look at the past 12 months – from where has your business come? How can you get stronger in the already strong areas, and how can you get stronger in the weak areas? In what areas could you be picking up business that you haven’t been? And how will you accomplish this?

Step 5: Once you have a handle on the last 12 months, it’s time to look ahead. Knowing that digital marketing allows for a wide and extensive reach which also allows the ability to get granular with a target audience, I suggest tying this type of marketing into your plan if you haven’t already. A strong social media marketing plan is a great place to start.

Step 6: Get social. What does your social media presence look like? Are you well connected through at least two social media platforms where your target audience is? Are you posting consistently and with intention for engagement? By utilizing social media, you are showcasing your business in a more neutral ground, allowing people to get to know you and your products and services better. You’re also able to showcase who you and your team are. By building that trust with your target demographic and audience, you are building a relationship. Once someone knows you, likes you, and feels like they trust you, the connection is made, and that moment is when a purchase is more likely to happen.

Step 7: Plan for change. This is a big one for all businesses – no matter which shape or size. Change is a good thing … just don’t allow it to be an excuse for not getting something done. If your marketing plan needs to change due to promotional events, a large community event that is planned, new hires, new business structure, new vendor partnerships, etc. – great! However, be sure not to fall into the trap of not marketing yourself just because you’re too busy or have too much going on. That’s when a great relationship with a vendor who can bring leverage to your business can be beneficial.

Properly marketing yourself and your business consistently and over time will allow for less ebbs and flows of businesses. It also allows the community, your target demographic, and the public to feel confidence in your brand.

Mauranda Dalziel

Founder and CEO of Gather Group & Co., a full service marketing firm located in Wake Forest.